Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Photo A Day

1. Your reflection: Hey, how are you?
2. Color: Can you guess what this is?
3. Mail: Best thing to have ever come in the mail!!
4. Someone who makes you happy
5. Tiny
6. Lunch: I remembered to take this picture when I was half way through.
7. Shadow
8. Inside your wallet: Literally dumped out my wallet and spread things around to make it all visible.What is in yours?
9. Younger you: Me at my abuela's house when I was probably 4 or 5.
10. Cold
11. Where you ate breakfast
12. Stairs
13. Something you found
14. How you feel today
15. Sunset
16. Flower
17. Something you don't like
18. Hair
19. Orange
20. Something you drew
21. Bottle
22. The last thing you bought
23. Vegetable
24. Something you're grateful for
25. Looking down
26. Black and white
27. Somewhere you went
28. 1pm
29. Circle
30. Something that makes you sad

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