Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Week Mar. 9-15 #myweekinphotos

1. I decided to plan out of my outfits for the week and ended up with lots of hipster stuff.
2. I helped my little sister do math and took pictures to prove it!
3. I went to vintage stock and was so happy at how many records they have!
4. Took Adam out to dinner and we both got our first martinis. Mine was an esspresso-tini.
5. Cafe Evoke is an amazing local coffee shop. This was a hard photo for me to take since I am always so self conscious about my dslr camera in public but I did it! I was only bribed a little with Frozen...
6. Got some super purple lipstick, concealer which I'll use as lid primer cause I don't believe in a lot of makeup and the Arctic Monkeys Record. Now I just need to find a turn table.

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