Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Week Mar. 2-8

This week was super busy for me so didn't get to take photos of much more than my PAD/PAW. Not even going to have time for the WHP =/
1. Snow day! I wasn't expecting to have snow but there it is. It only lasted for a day and then melted all away. But it was nice having a day off.
2. I love messing around with the 50mm and manual settings. I didn't edit this photo at all. I just love how it turned out!
3. I don't know why I loved how the light looked in the lens but I did. So I had my camera take a selfie ;)
4, 5, 6. I went to the Tulsa zoo back in August and am just now editing the photos. I'm terrible. But these were some of my favorites.
7. I love waking up to views like this. I couldn't just not take a picture!

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